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Wood/Aluminum - systems which ensure optimum sound protection, and a unique thermal insulation

Wood/aluminum windows represent a unique synergy between traditional building materials - wood and modern materials - aluminum. What is common to all wood / aluminum windows is wood on the inside and aluminum on the outside, ensuring the best value, a perfect fit, optimum sound protection, and a unique thermal insulation.

Wood/aluminum windows initially present a bigger investment, but due to their long life and energy saving, as well as great insulation (sound and thermal) properties, protection from hits and weather conditions, preservation of our health they are becoming increasingly economical, with practically nonexistent maintenance costs. 

The wood used for making our windows is three-layer laminated fir/spruce timber of very high FSC quality dried to a 10 ± 2% moisture.

The aluminium part protects the window frame and presents a barrier from weather conditions. The wall thickness is 2 mm. The ventilation space is 18 mm, and the mechanical connection with a clip ensures independent dilation. We produce a profile of 90 mm thickness.

We provide support by making thermal and static calculations for your projects.

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