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Wood - Wood products set standards

Wood is timeless and renewable, a material of character, and it belongs to the oldest construction materials in general. Wood is a healthy, long-lasting material, has excellent design features and offers a wide range of construction solutions, the best natural insulator, easy to manipulate and transport, does not emit radioactive radiation, harmful gases, allergic dust, or static electricity - it benefits health, and due to its moisture content it is less flammable.

Today, windows give more than just a view, and they present not only our connection to the outside world, but also a piece of furniture, a part of interior design. All of our senses transmit deep emotional contents – wood has a pleasant smell, a special warmth, it feels right, and increases the sense of comfort... Each one of us is touched in a specific way. The connection of man and wood is primordial.

We provide support by making thermal and static calculations for your projects.

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