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A completely new system has been elaborated, based on a 20 year experience in aluminum profiles, aiming to meet the highest standards in elegance, comfort, performance and reasonable prices.

The system offers the excellent Uw values with double and triple glazing which meet the demands of the most critical environments. All sliding typologies are available including single, double, and triple track systems as well as corner-free solutions that open your vision to 360 degrees.

The high capacity stainless steel rollers and tracks allow smooth and silent sliding action and extreme ease of movement with large glass areas. 

OMICRON is our standard minimal frames system incorporating all the significant features of the Orama system in a double-glazed setup.

ΩMEGA is an advanced minimal frames system able to deliver higher insulation performance and bigger sizes through thicker triple glazing.


Facing width 24 - 30 mm 24 - 30 mm undefined
Installation flush to the floor yes yes undefined
Installation flush to the ceiling yes yes undefined
Max. leaf height 4.5mm 6.5mm undefined
Max. leaf width 3m 3m undefined
Max. leaf weight 500g 1000kg undefined
Max. sliding leaf area 12m2 6m2 undefined
Max. fix leaf dimension 18m2 21m2 undefined
Glass thickness 30 - 36 mm 46 - 54 mm undefined


Prednost 1
Invisible U-Profile
to keep the look minimal
Prednost 2
All parts thermally
broken for maximum comfort
Prednosti 3
Trouble-free and
invisible water drainage
Prednosti 4
Two-point locking device
for additional safety
Prednosti 5
Running on at least
stainless steel wheels


ALL Fix Sliding Single track Double track Fixed corner Open corner
Single fix
Double fix
Sliding fix
Double sliding fix
Triple sliding fix
Double sliding
Fix sliding fix
Fix double sliding fix
Fix double sliding fix 2
Triple sliding
Fix sliding fix sliding fix
Pocket single track
Pocket single track 2
Pocket double track
Fixed corner
Two track fixed corner
Open corner out
Open corner in